About Us

Seahorse Coaching was founded by Jeff Lank. As he advanced in his personal career, gained experience in leadership development organizations and became a consultant in organizational management to individuals and businesses he noticed common professional characteristics. These characteristics also happen to be found in the life of a seahorse.

Why a Seahorse?

VISION: A seahorse can move its eyes independently. This is critical to an individual and businesses alike because without truly being able to utilize strategic vision it's extremely difficult to get ahead.

CONFIDENCE: A seahorse swims with its head up and even sleeps in the vertical position. It's important for individuals to be able to hold their head high in all situations. Seahorse Coaching will help improve confidence and give tools to continually maintain confidence.

ADAPTABILITY: Depending on what region of the world and the surroundings, a seahorse is able to go through transformations to blend with its surroundings. Seahorse Coaching will enhance your experiences in different surroundings as well as work with you in providing tools to not only understand your personality, but be able to identify others and the best means to communicate in their preferred styles.

PATIENCE: When feeding, a seahorse uses a sit and wait strategy. This takes extreme patience. In the corporate world, we often don't have the discipline to use our patience to our advantage. Seahorse Coaching provides the training and tools that will make patience a weapon to be used for your advantage.

LASTING RELATIONSHIPS: Seahorses engage in lengthy courtship during mating periods. Seahorse Coaching will help you understand what it takes to maintain clients and customers for decades to come. Even though there may not be an immediate need for a relationship, ever changing business patterns force the most successful to have the best networks.

GLOBAL AWARENESS: Seahorses are found in all parts of the world. They utilize all of the characteristics mentioned above to not only survive but thrive in all environments. This is critical in the professional world. If a business or professional is not aware of their surrounding or don't have presence, success will be challenging.

HEALTH MANAGEMENT: Seahorses have been found to have a unique chemical makeup. After death, the oils and chemicals are extracted from a Seahorse to be used for medicinal development. A business and professional must be aware of the health of their organization and themselves to ensure a longer lasting presence.